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We welcome you exactly as you are and invite you to share, explore, and create with us.

The Tantric Arts Collective is an inclusive community dedicated to excavating & celebrating aliveness through the practice of tantric arts. Tantric Arts refers to the practice of animistic, embodied wisdom traditions such as Shakta Tantra, womb-centered yoga, and poetry. These practices offer generous space to access our own wisdom, magick, & aliveness. How we employ these practices is how we make love to Creation & celebrate Creation, much like the dance of Shiva and Shakti.

Our community is grounded in the esoteric branch of tantra known as Shakta Tantra and post-lineage, womb-centered yogic traditions. Our work also touches edges and incorporates other animistic philosophies, wisdom traditions, and creative, healing modalities.

Our mission is to celebrate & explore the vibrant domain of shakti, which is your unique embodied experience, wisdom, and magick.

At the core of The Tantric Arts Collective is the desire to embody our own wisdom, sovereignty, and lived experience. We believe that the permission to radically embody one's experience, come to know one's own truth, and share this knowing in inclusive, dynamic spaces of mutual honoring and celebration is at the core of tantra. We engage these practices through tantric ritual, embodiment practices, story medicine, and additional creative modalities.

We collectively work together to enter the domain of our own wisdom through tantric practices and principles. We believe our medicine, gold, and divinity lies in this deep-dive , and that group work is necessary for the deep-dive to maintain vital sustenance.

We welcome you!

“All states of mind, all emotions or moods, are vibrations of the shakti, manifestations of the one Goddess/power. Therefore the Tantrika experiencing anger, or fear, or desire, acknowledges that this is a vibration of energy, that all energy is a manifestation of the Goddess, and therefore bows to her own emotion (whatever it is) with heartfelt gratitude, saying

“O Goddess, thank you for coming in this form. What do you have to teach me?”

-Christopher Wallis, Tantra Illuminated

Shakta Tantra: Ritual & Shuddhi

Ritual & tantric practices in the tradition of Shakta Tantra, an esoteric branch of tantra & embodied, animistic wisdom tradition that worships Shakti, the feminine force of creation.

Yoni Shakti: Embodiment & Womb Wisdom

Embodiment in womb-centered contexts that center cyclical wisdom & womb-centered traditions.

Mandala Shakti: Group Work & Story Medicine

Story medicine in the potent mandala of group sharing, expression, and dialogue.

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Tantra is an esoteric wisdom tradition that is difficult to properly codify, define, or organize. In Yoni Shakti: A Woman’s Guide to Power and Freedom Through Yoga and Tantra, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli writes, “Practically everybody who writes anything about tantra usually begins by explaining that nobody can really define what it is. The term has a long and complex history that is not confined to a specific single sect or religion.” Though difficult to explain, we discover what these practices mean for us by grounding our practice in the esoteric branch of tantra known as Shakta Tantra. Our main focus is worship of Devi through the erotic poem The Saundarya Lahari.

The Saundarya Lahari offers an understanding of tantra synthesized as follows: there are two main forces at the core of Existence. Shiva, or consciousness, personified as the masculine principle, is the energy of ascent, and Shakti, or creation, personified as the feminine principle, is the energy of descent. Shakti compels Shiva to be conscious of Himself, and Shiva compels Shakti to create through his awareness. Shakta Tantra encourages the devotee to embrace the human experience as the playground for the dance of divinity.

Existence is a dream that is dreamed by the Dreamer in order to experience Himself, a dream so magical, so provocative, that it compels the Dreamer to dream.

A Word on Lineage & Our Commitment

The Tantric Arts Collective is a community that shares the practices of Shakta Tantra and therapeutics-focused ashtanga yoga in a deeply collaborative, non-dogmatic manner. Our community is woman & femme-centered and post-lineage, a term defined by Theo Wildcroft in the following way:

"Post-lineage yoga moves beyond a single lineage or teacher as the sole authority for yoga, and turns instead to peer networks and sanghas to decide the practice. It overlaps with both commodified, secular yoga and the yoga of lineage."

Woman/femme-centered yoga is interested in centering the position of the yogini as the authentic knower rather than superseding this wisdom with the dogma of tradition. With this definition in mind, we like to consider our classes and sessions as offerings rather than teachings. We offer invitations, wonderings, choices, and experiences rather than prescriptions, explicit instructions, and strict structures. Our mission is to support your sovereignty and connection to yourself by encouraging you to integrate, participate, and synthesize what feels right for you.

How it Works

The Collective offers live weekly classes via Zoom, US EST. All sessions are recorded and uploaded to the library section of our Teachable platform.

Once you enroll, you gain access to our library, which includes enrichment materials and ancillary texts. Each month you will receive a handcrafted syllabus that contains the theme for the month. This theme is explored through group sessions and personal work. Prasad (offerings) is also gifted from time to time.
Sessions include:

✿ Transformative Tantric Arts✿ Women's Healing Circle✿ Embodiment in the Radical Awakenings Method ✿ Cakra Embodiment✿ Sanskrit & Ritual ✿ Devi Puja✿ Womb Yoga ✿ Mindfulness Creative Writing Circle ✿ The Body Electric: Cultivating Eroticism for Pleasure & Liberation ✿ Spoken Word Events

Sample Pages From Monthly Syllabus

Sample Pages From Monthly Syllabus

Hi, I'm Sarah!

I direct the Tantric Arts Collective, a virtual community that connects individuals with their divine wisdom and sovereignty through experiential and creative tantric practice. I am dedicated to facilitating a space that is inclusive, transformative, and absolutely magical.

Over the last decade, I’ve studied with indelible teachers and committed to holistic healing modalities. My passion for this work led me to study ashtanga therapeutics with Manju Jois, son of Patthabi Jois, as well as Sanskrit and Patanjali yoga with the American Sanskrit Institute. I’ve received diksha from Swami Satyasangananda in India, learned womb-centered practices as a child caregiver to new moms, and wrote fervently into my own wound as a woman whose voice sometimes felt swallowed up by patriarchal structures, including (gasp!) the ashtanga yoga system.

My spiritual practice has evolved over the years. Currently, my sadhana is based in Shakta Tantra, womb-centered yoga, and Sankaracarya’s erotic poem The Saundarya Lahari. I am enjoying my studies with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, author of Yoni Shakti: A Woman’s Guide to Power and Freedom Through Yoga and Tantra, Alexandra Roxo, founder of the Radical Awakenings embodiment method, and Dr. Carolynn Elliot, founder of the Existential Kink method for tantric awakening. My study is very much grounded in my own experience and the work of this community, which is deeply collaborative.

I am a blogger, essayist, poetess, and diarist; I earned my BFA from Goddard College, the school that does not give out grades, for my thesis entitled “The Implacable I: The Case for the Personal, The Call for the Woman Writer.” I’ve also been sober for ten years and have taught extensively in addiction treatment centers. I bring an orientation in trauma-informed care, attachment theory, somatic perspectives, and humanistic, compassion-driven approaches. Currently, I am earning certification in the NeuroAffective Relational Model for working with complex trauma with the NARM Institute. I am a member of the American Counseling Association and ASERVIC (Association for Spiritual, Ethical, and Relivious Values in Counseling) while also studying to receive my M.A. in Marriage, Couples, & Family Therapy.

I am committed to opening spaces of personal expression, creative endeavor, and spiritual exploration with the individuals and systems with which I work. I am deeply compelled to create safe spaces and containers of connected knowing, or the domain of wisdom we all naturally embody through our intuition and relationship to our personal experience. I find myself drawn to people who value connected knowing over dogma and tradition. I want to work with and learn from people who are hungry to encounter themselves and come to know what is true for them — that is the truth that I find compelling, poignant, and hauntingly beautiful.

Story-tellers, wound-dwellers, I welcome you.

Practitioners who are tired of the exclusive, dry dogma of yogic tradition, I welcome you.

Women who are sick of learning yoga from the masculine perspective, who are eager to come home to their own womb wisdom and divine feminine power, I welcome you.

Individuals who feel creatively blocked, or creatively alive, I welcome you.

Womxn, queer folks, persons of color, & individuals left out of the conversation in yoga communities, I welcome you.

Human beings, I welcome you. I can't wait to hear your story.

Love, light, and leela,