"Initiation is the container, the holding, that makes our meetings holy."

-Dr. Martin Shaw

DIKSHA: Initiation; consecration; self-devotion.

The ancestors say initiation offers a direct, ritualized experience of huge, primeval forces that somehow live both in and near the psyche, what Robert Moore calls "the Great Self," something numinous and vast, containing more energy than we could ever need. This Great Self has many names, and lives close to the mysteries."

-Dr. Martin Shaw

Dearest loved ones, yoginis & yogis, poets, tantrikas, healers, activists, witches, story-tellers, visionaries, & friends of the mystery,

I invite you to listen closely to a story that is just beginning to stir.

It is a story that involves love, legend, mystery, and adventure.

It is a story that is both ancient, and perennial.

It is a story that requires great bravery, the kind that asks you to become the highest measure of yourself.

It is a story that requires equal tenderness, the kind that asks you to carry grief, and become intimate with suffering.

This story will ask of you your full share of humanity. It demands your hunger, wounds, & desires. It offers you gold, an encounter with an alluring devata, & the belief in something noble.

This story is your own journey:

your blazing poem,

your dazzling encounter with "the Great Self,"

& your reason for dreaming, seeking, & believing.

No one else can tell this story, or transcribe it on a fraying scroll.

It's yours alone.

I offer you a pen & I invite you to do the work of grace & frenzy on the book of your soul.

Will you begin?

Diksha is an initiation into the depths of yourself. It is a mystical, creative immersion, soulful mentorship program, and collaborative, intimate learning experience. Diksha involves education and exploration in tantric and yogic philosophy and practice.

In the esoteric branch of tantra known as Shakta Tantra, devotees honor Devi, the Mother of Creation, with the understanding that Devi dispels shakti (power/energy of creation) & therefore comprises all of Creation.

Thus, everything is revered deeply as an expression of the Goddess -- including desires, primal instincts, emotions, erotic yearnings, dreams, what sulks in the guts, sensation, & the dark tendrils of shadow.

The tantrika's work is the work of embracing the human experience because it is all a reflection of the Goddess.

Diksha calls upon you to encounter your experience, seize magic, & catch poems. This work entails ritual, spiritual endeavor, story medicine, & creative modalities.

This work is supported by a powerful container for shakti: a tribe of tantrikas & inspiring comrades committed to fiercely embodying their work & walking the path with you.

In tantra philosophy, it is said that behind every desire is a devata at work. The devatas keep us incarnated & tied to the field of action, but they simultaneously crave liberation through us. This is part of the spell-binding dance between Shiva and Shakti, God and Creation, or the Dreamer and the Dream.

When the tantrika feels drawn toward something, she knows to pay careful attention. Yearnings hold the secret to liberation. She knows her heart's stirrings are the work of divinity: a devata at play.

Perhaps these words conjure a similar sensation of curiosity. Maybe a dream is thrashing somewhere in the rib cage. A story might be whispering some intelligible realization in your ear.

This is your invitation. An invitation, to be drawn. To be encountered. To be liberated.

Will you begin?

We invite you to join us!

For more information, we welcome you to join our experiential class on Thursday, 6/25 @ 7-8:30 p.m. and/or our informational session on Sunday 6/28 @ 12 p.m.

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Please note, Diksha will also host guest teachers and facilitators for special pop-up classes. More information will be released soon.

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Hi, I’m Sarah!

I direct the Tantric Arts Collective, a virtual community that connects individuals with their divine wisdom and sovereignty through experiential and creative tantric practice. I am dedicated to facilitating a space that is inclusive, transformative, and absolutely magical.

Over the last decade, I've studied with indelible teachers and committed to holistic healing modalities. My passion for this work led me to study closely with Manju Jois, son of Patthabi Jois, and the American Sanskrit Institute. I've studied Shakta Tantra in India, receiving diksha from Swami Satyasangananda Saraswati in 2019, learned women-centered practices as a child caregiver to new moms and Marriage & Family Therapist (in training), and wrote fervently into my own wound as a woman whose voice sometimes felt swallowed up by patriarchal structures, including (gasp!) the ashtanga yoga system.

I am a blogger, essayist, poetess, and diarist; I earned my BFA from Goddard College, the school that does not give out grades, for my thesis entitled "The Implacable I: The Case for the Personal, The Call for the Woman Writer." I've also been sober for ten years through 12-step recovery and have taught extensively in addiction treatment centers. I bring an orientation in trauma-informed care, attachment theory, and humanistic, compassion-driven approaches.

I am committed to holding the space of supporting personal expression, creative endeavor, and spiritual exploration. I am deeply compelled to create safe spaces and containers of connected knowing, or the domain of wisdom we all naturally embody through our intuition and relationship to our personal experience. I find myself drawn to people who value connected knowing over dogma and tradition. I want to work with and learn from people who are hungry to encounter themselves and come to know what is true for them -- that is the truth that I find compelling, poignant, and hauntingly beautiful.

Story-tellers, wound-dwellers, I welcome you.

Practitioners who are tired of the exclusive, dry dogma of yogic tradition, I welcome you.

Women who are sick of learning yoga from the masculine perspective, who are eager to come home to their own womb wisdom and divine feminine power, I welcome you.

Individuals who feel creatively blocked, or creatively alive, I welcome you.

Womxn, queer folks, persons of color, & individuals left out of the conversation in yoga communities, I welcome you.

Human beings, I welcome you. I can't wait to hear your story.


Love, light, and leela,


Partial and full tuition scholarships are available, both at the onset of the course and during, should financial hardship due to COVID-19 arise. To fill out an application, click here.